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Timeless Mountains -Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Sujata Kar Saha Triveni Gallery.

Every image tends to stretch out spontaneously, Discard its source and stand on its own. And those worlds of floating images, also try to do without the others in search of a freer space.

Because beyond the weight of bodies, only images are free. Therefore man ought to turn into image. Or let his image drift freely and learn to exist with no image” Lines from a poem by Roberto Juarroz

By taking some visuals and hints from the marvels of the universe – the seas, rivers, mountains, vistas, forests, sunrise and sunset – Sujata Kar Saha creates a wonderland of her own and charts a journey, which is truly fascinating and mesmerizing. She accumulates colours with various tones on a canvas with ease and sheer sophistication.

It seems like she from one canvas to another explores the memories of the seen and imagined ”view” of nature and its elements. Her sensory perceptions seem quite active while she is engrossed in her work, and takes a flight from the hustle and bustle of the life in a metro city. She lives in the northern part of Kolkata, where the streets and lanes are a bit crowded but not without the charm of gone by eras. Living amidst these surroundings, if she prefers to be more with the wondrous world of nature, it should not be seen as an escape but a willful choice, from which she is able to inculcate the grandeur of nature and its corresponding parallels pertaining to human emotions.

A joyous revelation of emotions and turbulences can be read and found in a convincing manner in these canvasses. There is a certain freedom in her strokes, and she creates textures boldly but with sensitivity and synergy. The paintings depict and highlight the light and air which we all need to survive.

Her forte lies in creating open spaces where the viewer can also participate with his/her fights to secure ones desired destination of solace and beauty. And it is for this reason that her greens ,reds ,yellows and blues are so comforting and encompassing.

We know that artists like Van Gogh and our own miniature painters from Guler and Mewar with their patches and strokes of greens and yellows under clear sky, have opened up directions from where the artists of coming generations can create their own works in an inventive manner to celebrate the gifts of nature and life. Sujata seems to be one such artist who brings a sublimity to her canvasses with a pervading sense of peace and tranquility.

She ‘invites’ mountains ,water bodies and vistas to co-exist in her canvasses only to recall that these are the lovable properties of nature and without them it would be impossible to dream our dreams.

Yes, these canvasses are dreams and aspirations for a life which is warmer ,brighter, better and bigger.

Prayag Shukla
Poet and Art Critic
New Delhi, 07.10.2017

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