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MYSTERIES OF SILENCE- A solo Exhibition of Paintings by Col.J.S.Gujral at Shridharani Gallery | 11:00 am- 8:00 pm.

The strutting about of male pigeons around their female counterparts in my locked balcony, the veiled noise of ego in my daily existence, the postings (read Boastings) on social media of my little actions, all smother the silence. Never the less it exists- from nadir to zenith, from finite to infinite, from temporal to timeless- silently without projecting its might and potencies.

Taking off the layers of noise of various frequencies created by my words, vulnerabilities and insecurities, reveals the inner me and has been instrumental in creating this body of works. Here the existence is ruled by mysteries- the mysteries of silence.

Spiritually one evolves challenging the present, and as an artist one evolves by continuously bursting the comfort bubble one finds himself in, with the successful creation of each work. To me any deviation from these will result in dead spirituality and fake art. Being a soldier for over 33 years and pursuing spirituality and art in parallel I can say this with conviction.

Paintings externalise my inner spiritual journey- the journey whose beginning and course taken so far can I somewhat specify but the future remains a mystery.

Interpretation of my works would require delving into inner layers of my being. The perceived eccentricities of process of making art and the very genesis of any work may not be entirely understood by a scientific world of art but is sure to strike a note with the spiritually inclined.
During the process of making art, only when I remove myself from it completely and let the intuition take the driving seat does the creativity take wings. The paintings happen and are not the result of my laboured intellect. The created colours, textures, marks and lines make an illusion of silence and mysticism. The titles given to the works are my parallel interpretations and help me identify the works with the physical world. In this context I consider my works to be very real. Technical evaluation of my works and classifying them as abstract will miss out the core which I reemphasise is real me. Me and my paintings are one reality.

The aesthetics of the works are based on uneven placement of elements and hence can be related to nature which does not follow any set pattern in placing its trees, mountains, stars and galaxies. As nature does not like any rearrangements or tempering, so do my works once arrived at do not accept any tempering or modifications. What happens is for sure and definite. If not convincing, the entire painting is reworked and not merely tweaked to make it convincing.

A man on the street will find my works life enriching as they speak the language of the universe.

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