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Bhav Paritusht – Solo Exhibition of Paintings by Sangeeta Grover Triveni Gallery.

Sangeeta Grover is a Delhi based artist who has been practicing the creative art forms for last one decade. Having completed her BFA, she is currently pursuing her MFA from College of Arts, New Delhi where she is also the Assistant professor.

She has to her credit, many awards, scholarships and exhibitions at prominent art galleries of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Her specialization includes Drawing, sketching, painting, weaving, mural.

Artist statement

My works are non- representational, doesn’t aim at achieving the similarity with worldly appearances. Instead, it became ABSTRACT- the pure optical experience. The architectural patterns are simplified with pure arrangement of space, shape, colors, and texture with transparent and opaque layers of paint, drippings and accidental marks. To dissolve the solid structures into pure surface, on which colors, lines, and textures interact delightfully. The free flowing strokes transverse across the canvas throwing up myriad interpretations, each one viable and expressive.

My works represents the inner world of emotions, the realm of thought and the nature of spirit. Each work evolves in an unpredictable way, through the addition and removal of paint with the spontaneous reactions to accidental marks.

I proposed that the most revealing art uses the personal to tell a universal tale that the space between the personal and universal is where the work breathes.

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