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Voice Of God -A solo exhibition of paintings by Artist Hemraj at Shridharani Gallery.

The world of abstract art is quite fascinating. It has its own charm and its own rules and regulations, unlike the prevailing notions in some quarters, that abstract art is the easiest to do because it frees a painter from taxing drawing work as is the pre requisite of the figurative domain.

The fact is that abstract art demands higher discipline and deeper insights into such constituents as color, composition or structure and the mass and weight of the forms involved (since abstractionism involves imaginative forms.) indeed nothing could be achieved by being vague or uncontrolled (these could not be passed as freedom of the artist).

My latest work series ‘Voice Of God’ that will soon be exhibited at Shridharni Art Gallery ,Tansen Marg, New Delhi, The preview on 13th October 2017, at 6:00 pm, the show will be view at Shridharni Art Gallery till 23rd October 2017.

In India, we have a good degree of imaginative content, color orientation and a brooding quality which will both engage as well as tickle one’s imagination. Certain formal and color based experiments have been carried out and I hope these will both engage and entertain my audience and I hope my works will remain long in their memory.

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