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Sea Glass — A solo exhibition of mixed media art by Mandira Ravindranath at Shridharani Gallery.

This collection of mixed media artworks is inspired by the transformative journey of sea glass, and all the natural elements that converge in its formulation. Sea glass starts its life as ordinary glass articles that are discarded at the seaside. Softened by water, abraded by sand and tumbled by the ocean tides, these sharp, jagged pieces are gradually transformed, becoming smooth to the touch and frosted and translucent in appearance. The colossal marine universe, with its undulation and swell of tides, its rocks, brine, shells and corals, is concentrated into their formation.

This path of metamorphosis is portrayed here in the form of fine black and white ink drawings that are occasionally accented by colour in the form of layered acrylic paint. Taking a microscopic lens to flora, fauna and sea water, a world heavily populated with detail unfurls across paper, embellished with minuscule circles and clusters of fine lines. The fluid charm of sea glass, hidden underwater realms, shell beds, effervescent bubbles, grains of sand, the movement of waves and the foliage of forest floors are depicted within whimsically composed forms. Aquatic colour tones inspired by the sea, the liquid gold and multi-faceted hues of sunrise, and the shimmering silver of moonshine balance the delicate ink lineation and richly detailed, intricate depths of these works.

About the artist: Mandira Ravindranath lives and works in New Delhi. Professionally trained in design, Mandira made a shift to the art world in 2012, holding her first successful solo exhibition two years later. Sea glass is her second independent showing.

Working primarily in ink on paper, Mandira creates elaborate, complex compositions in black on white, highlighted intermittently by the application of colour, within both geometric and abstract formations. Despite having lived in urban environments all her life, her chief source of inspiration is from nature and nature-derived elements; hence the very organic feel to the form and abundant detail in her artworks.

Mandira utilises pattern and repetition to achieve an almost meditative rhythm while working. Both her choice of medium and her execution of these fine ink drawings reflect her meticulous and precision-oriented personality.

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