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Joie de Vivre by Maya Burman presented by Gallerie Ganesha at Shridharani Gallery | 11:00 am-8:00 pm

Artist Statement

JOIE DE VIVRE is what I wish to give to people. I am not a naive person. I don’t expect the world to become a ‘Garden of Eden’. But I undertake the more difficult and interesting task of bringing the feeling of paradise to myself first and then to the spectators of my work.

My painting is neither contemplative nor meditative. It is truly dynamic. It is not a cold allegorical image of JOIE DE VIVRE but the essence of it. I show the small joy that we all have in everyday life. I have expressed the pleasure of witnessing a summer garden or the languid ecstasy of daydreaming and even the delight in the dancing colours of spring.

My training in architecture has a massive influence in the way I build my composition, while miniature work or fine detailing is my genetic disorder. In the same way, French sensibility is what I am surrounded by and Indian imagery is what I am linked to. I can’t help but combine these influences to create my own creative expression. I work with a lot of detail and pattern. That profusion of detail can be linked to Indian miniature. But if you look closely, all details are a fusion of many influences.

My composition is also a blend of all influences. I think I’m curious. I like to be surprised by unexpected things, even totally disconnected ones. My work, therefore, is a result of the melting and fusing of all these experiences.

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